Monday, January 30, 2006

This is the only photo I have of Steve Harris who arrived in New Zealand this week for those of you who will have the pleasure of his company. I tried to find a bad one of him but could only find this very flattering photo taken when it was his round at the pub. Have just had an e-mail from him saying he is heading south to find a car, so I think Paul and Sam will be the first to encounter his very unique sense of humour. Anyway I'm sure you all want to know how the decorating is going and what happened with the VAT. Well the decorating is still ongoing as all was halted while the VAT was in progress but the inspection was a huge sucsess and she even found an extra £28 for me plus an extra few bills to claim on for next time so all in all I was on cloud nine and got very pissed that night and am now just waiting for the huge cheque to arrive in the post within the next day or so. It's been a very good start of the year as far as the business is concerned as I only got back to work last week and have had a very good week with plenty of orders, so lets hope this is the way forward for the year. Ruth had a good week last week with her Zimbabwe project at school and this week it's the Chinese new year so very busy all round. By the way I'm only joking this isn't Steve but a very good look alike!!!!! Posted by Picasa

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