Monday, August 21, 2006

Well hello again after such a long time. I got rather bored with this blog thing while leigh decided to make it a personal crusade to make mine look like a load of crap. Fair play mine is crap but fun while it lasted. Since the last entry we have been camping twice. I'm not a camper but enjoyed it so much the first time that I decided to go for it and go camping again. What a mistake!!!! We went with some good mates who pursuaded us to go the first time but this time to Cornwall. Cornwall is a beutifull place with endless bays and cute little villages and relatively good food. We spents nine and a half hours traveling down through endless traffic jams and fucking caravans that should be banned from traveling other than between midnight and one in the morning. Having arrived at the nominated site I was confronted with pitching our tents on a slope!! in pouring rain. Not a good start. It continued to rain for the next three days while Ruth roled down the slope every night pushing me out of the under inflated bed. When the weather eventualy did chear up we spent most days sitting on a stoney wind swept beach pretending to enjoy ourselves. I had one day of my own choosing when we went on a mission to find the perfect seafront pub with fresh seafood. Objective achieved, that was my lot and back to the sodding beach. Joanna had the time of her life disapearing every morning and returning every evening exhasted having made more friends than I have made in my life. So as you can tell I am not a happy camper and will now make itg my mission to save like mad for a hotel holliday next year. Posted by Picasa

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ExAfrica said...

You're a darling. What a compliment.

Glad your back. Rather shocked...

I have saved over $100 for our upcoming Zim Holiday. Get saving, stop drinking and whatever else it is you throw your money away on. I expect you to pay for the house boy and the the stocked bar at the very least.