Thursday, February 22, 2007

A trip to the land of Lobsters

It's been a while and to be honest I have had very little to talk about lately but that has all changed!!!!!

We are all off to the States to visit Ex-Africa, well I say visit Ex-Africa but in truth I wanted to go to the States and they are the only people we know, so we have to stay with them! We fly into New York and spend a couple of days there doing the usual things but more importantly I can go to a New York Deli and have a pastrami on rye. Ex-Africa lives on the north east coast in Maine where I can get a whole lobster in a baguette for $14 wow!!!!!!!! Ruth is taking the piss out of me because I keep planing the itinerary for all our meals. Anyway after NY we head up to Boston where we will stay for another two days. I know very little about Boston but everyone tell me it's very interesting, so lets wait and see.

Ex-Africa has booked a log cabin on the lakes that comes with a boat where we can all chill out and drink huge amounts of booze and eat fresh fish cooked on the barbie. that is life as I know it.

I went up to London last weekend to visit my old mucker and very good friend Paul. Paul is a multi successful guy who started his business in the bedroom of the flat we shared in Wandsworth may years ago. He now employs 30 plus and has a life style I envy. He suggested I meet him at his new apartment in the very fashionable new complex overlooking the Thames. This place is perfect for the in town bachelor. But unfortunately poor old Paul has had such bad luck with the skirt in his life and has recently been dumped again (4th time in three years) the first 4 or 5 were with him for the money but the last one just had issues, that in my mind is bad luck. Anyway we left there and went to his local bar in Battersea that he has been frequenting for nearly 10 years. A very expensive place with all the right people and birds with legs that seem to go all the way to Australia. After 6 or 7 beers we left to go to another bar in Wandsworth that had live music and two massive black bouncers on the door. Paul flashed his Black Amex and we were in. I laughed a but too loudly at this but they missed the irony, he had a Green Amex but there were no aliens on the door!! On reaching the bar a bottle of champagne appeared. I hate Champagne so a bottle of scotch appeared as well. Paul's phone had been going mad with text after text until eventually a huge guy arrived and off they both went. That was the start of a very debauched night with numerous visits to the loo where every surface was mirrored. We got home eventually at 5.45am having eaten nothing all night except a disgusting pastie from the service station. Before leaving home the day before I had promised Ruth that I would be home by 11am so that we could go shopping for Joanna's birthday party at 3.30pm. I woke up at 11.45am with a head that felt as if a steam train had run through it at 100 miles per hour. Oh shit this is going to be messy and it was. It's now Thursday and she is still going on about it. I'm 55 this year and god do I know it.

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