Sunday, May 06, 2007

Air Zimbabwe


ExAfrica said...

When the Happy husband flew out to London in 2000 the plane was delayed for hours. Rumor had it, throughout the airport, that the pilot was drunk. Eventually, several hours later, the plane boarded and the replacement pilot apologized for the delay stating that, in fact, the original pilot had simply not shown up for work and the replacement had to be called in. But being as he lived very far from the airport, it took some time for him to arrive.


ExAfrica said...

And lest we not forget about the time the pilot exited the cockpit, mid-flight, to use the bathroom. Being a short flight there was only one pilot on-board. The pilot apparently forgot about the automatic locking mechanism on the cockpit door and had to use the fire ax to re-enter. Much to the dismay of all passengers on board.

Unsubstantiated, but certainly not unlikely

Head of the Family said...

If it has a roof rack it's Air Zimbabwe.