Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ruth is running

It's less than 4 weeks until Ruth does her first ever run for charity and over 6 weeks since I
e-mailed over 50 people to sponsor her and to date the total of sponsors is 3. Yes a massive 3 people have given a whopping £30 so far. This is Ruth running not Seb fucking Coe, she is probably the most unfit person in the world with the energy of a hedgehog on sleeping pills. OK Leigh has been having problems trying to access the site from the states but come on every one get your credit cards out and start clicking. She has managed to get a further £10 from an aunt who has no idea what a computer is yet alone work one and of course her mum will be as generous as ever. More importantly Max has offered to add £2.50 if she goes topless!!! As I am filming the event I would prefer her not to go topless as my camera has no wide angle lens and the other runners will be in danger of a soft knock out.

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ExAfrica said...

I'll give it another go - but only if she goes topless