Friday, June 15, 2007

United Nations Sustainable Development Commisssion

In recent weeks, there has been much hullabaloo surrounding Zimbabwe's
election to head the United Nations Sustainable Development commission, with
many saying the Mugabe government has been utterly useless at environmental

This is of course a malicious fabrication encouraged by the colonialist
Blair and Bush governments. Zimbabwe has taken some bold initiatives to deal
with emissions. It started phasing out petrol and diesel a few years ago.

This has seen the introduction of the pedal bicycle Police patrol and
reaction force, which has been increasing in popularity over the past
months, as motorized cars are apparently being phased out.

Then it came up with a marvelous population control plan, donating a third
of its citizens to other countries. The reduction in the population will
naturally have a big impact on shrinking the country's carbon footprint,
though some in the media have mischievously argued that any reduction is a
drop in the ocean next to the emissions from the Zimbabwe Parliament.

A few weeks ago it announced that it was doing away with electricity in cities.

This week Harare said that, as part of a major "mechanization programme", it
was encouraging farmers to use ox-drawn carts and ploughs instead of tractors.

Zimbabwe is currently at it's 1952 level of productivity.

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