Friday, September 21, 2007

I eventually sold the business to a good mate . That was at the end of July, just in time to set off on our holiday to the States. I had mixed feelings about letting it go.

On the one hand I was happy to see the hassle go and on the other hand I was very upset at the impending loss of freedom that is now ensuing.

I was completely relaxed about what I was going to do on our return and had full confidence in my self in finding employment within a few days but that has not been the case and as you can see from the previous posts I am having to compete with kids just out of nappies. Having said that I have now applied for four new positions and have been told that I have a very good chance of getting interviews with all of them. So fingers crossed I will be in full time emplyment within the next two weeks.

Just had a call from one of the agencies for some temp work next Monday so that will keep the wolf from the door.

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