Sunday, August 31, 2008

A slightly better day

Even though I haven't seen or am not going to see Joanna for a few days it's a better day. I'm back to work tomorrow and very much looking forward to it. I'm as poor as a church mouse but have faith in myself to get through this horrible period in my life to scale the heights of success once again
But and it's a very big BUT it will not involve another woman ever again (except ex-Africa of course) and if I ever write about a woman I have met then you all have authority to castrate me.

Joanna and I went to Chessington World of Adventures the other day and what a complete rip off and nasty place it is. If anyone is thinking of going....DON'T. If you want a day out at a theme park the you can't go wrong by driving down to the Isle of Wight and go to Black Gang Chine. For what you will spend on the ferry it will still be cheaper than CW of A and a lot more fun. Joanna had a good time though and got thoroughly soaked on one of the rides as you can see.

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ExAfrica said...

I'm so glad you're back. And besotted with me as usual!