Thursday, November 17, 2005

At last I've grasped the concept of this

Ok now i'm sorted with this blog thing and intend to do a daily update along with a photo a day of Joanna.

As a few of you won't acualy know what I do here is a brief explanation.

I have my own business providing quality frozen foods via home delivery. I sell by the box and have a range of products ranging from Filleted Sardines to Hand Made Minted Lamb Parcels (pastry). The price ranges from £30 - £60 per box and I guarantee that none of my products are available in the suppermarket who I have a personal hate vendeta with. More of that another time.

Today my aim is to sell at least 5 boxes, which involves traveling appoximately 20 miles to Leighton Buzzard and seeing 5 clients who occasinaly buy. Business is tough at the moment as we are in a mini recession in the UK plus no one wants to buy 5 weeks prior to christmas. Everyone is asking me to come back the week before Christmas, which is impossible. 1500 people in a 50 mile radious could never happen, so it's a case of pushing people to buy now which I hate doing.

I shall report back tonight or tommorow on the success of the day!!!!! Posted by Picasa

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