Friday, November 18, 2005

So, I managed to sell 4 boxes on thursday and that was a brand new customer who happened to be old freinds of my folks. All the other customers wanted me to come back in three weeks time for Cristmas!!!! I'm fed up with this but it's the way it goes at this time of year. But today I sold 19 boxes!!!!!!!! yeh, result. 10 of the boxes are on credit to a restaraunt in Batersea who now owe me a small fortune but their OK as they have an account and pay at the end of the month. I have a new cutomer in Borough Market, London bridge who are taking 4 boxes of my home made Jumbo Fish Fingers each week and what's more they pay cash, love it.

Joanna is knackered after a long week at school as is Ruth so they wind each other up on Friday night's and I'm piggey in the middle tring to keep the peace. Oh well it's hard life being a Dad.

I'm taking the weekend of and we are going to a quiz night at the Church, yes the church. £6 and fish and chips thrown in I have already asked if they are just getting one piece of cod to a miracle with, didn't go down to well. my sense of humour is wated on them. Joanna is going over to my sisters for the night and thet she and Ruth are in the Santa's parade on Sunday morning. I shall take pictures and publish next week. We are now about to embark on the telivision marathon of the year for Children in need, so will sign off now and relax for the weekend. Posted by Picasa

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ExAfrica said...

Stu - I love it.

Could do with a bit more gossip, though.

Good Luck at the Quiz Night.