Saturday, November 19, 2005


Thsi is the only photo I can find of me, which makes me look fat and old but none the less me!!!!.

I presume it was Leigh who posted the comment that she want's gossip, well we live such a boring life that gossip never comes our way. I have been keeping in good contact with Grant who seems to be on realy good form and loving fatherhood.

One interesting thing this week was that one of my customers in London who is Italian and married to an Irish guy spent her honeymoon at Nesbit Castle in Bullawayo. Leigh will remember the three of us went there for dinner one night. It's the most extrodinary place I have ever been to in Africa.

I'm off to the pub now to watch England play New Zealand (rugby) On NZ present form they should beat us but I have hope for England that they will break down their back row, which is critical for the destruction of their confidence. I will come home pissed and then make our way to the Church quiz, that should be fun!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

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ExAfrica said...

Where have you been?

Awaiting updates
awaiting photos
awaiting gossip

Did you disgrace yourself at the church Quiz Night?