Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sorry been rather busy over the past few days. As you can see we did the parade in the freezing cold and the kids loved it, I had the hangover from hell after watching New Zealand cheat their way through to a win (forward pass for a try unseen by the linesman and ref) plus they got three yellow cards from the ref who at last have been instructed to clamp down on the Kiwi's for their persistant foul play. No I'm not a bad loser, it was great game and England made some terrible mistakes but fought like the lions they are. I had to watch it in the pub and consume 6 pints before heading off to the Church quiz in which we came 5th out of 11 teams, not bad eh seeing as I was the only bloke on the team. One of the questions was what was the 7th 0r 11th planet from Earth and I insisted it was jupeter and was over ruled for Saturn, Christ women are obnoxious sometimes even in defeat!!!! I asked ruth to get some wine to take and she produced a 3 litre box of wine, which had to be consumed that night cos you know how it goes off if you don't, hence the hangover that was not appreciated in the freezing cold on a Sunday morning.

Last week was a complete waste of time as far as business was concerned, as was expacted!!! but this week is the start of the Christmas rush so it's all hands to the deck and sell sell sell. I had a cold and Joanna got a tummy bug but apart from that it was OK. Ruth and Joanna are in a Christmas Carol concert in the town hall this week but no picture will be published as I won't be there to take any.

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