Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Day in London

Just returned from a quick trip to london to deliver an order for a restaraunt in Batersea that is proving to be quite lucrative. I don't make as much margin as the home delivery but they take an average of 40 boxes per month rather than the usual 3-5 boxes per 3 months for my normal customers, plus I have just got the cafe in Borough market taking a load of my hand made fish fingers, so all in all things are starting to look a bit brighter.

Leigh, thank's for the link to Dorynsdish I will definately give that a punt when my web page is up and running which should be in January.

Every time I visit london I wish we were living there again as it's such a vibrant place and Thame is such a dull place but it's just so expensive now that I would have to work twice as hard to maintain the same standard of living. Having said that it only takes me an hour from my depot to Batersea, so were not that far realy.

My local pub was going to be opening an hour late for the next few days as they have a film crew in there doing Mid Summer Murders (British detective series where one little area has an average murder rate of 1 per week and of course they solve the murder every time!!!!) but I have just had a call to say they are opening on time tonight so it's all down the pub for a couple at 6. I shall tell Ruth that I have a few customers to see and will be late.

Sorry no Photo today will try and find one for tomorrow.

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