Saturday, January 21, 2006

Long time since Christmas

Yes it's been a long time but I have been in the process of decorating the flat and giving up smoking (three weeks now) so the computer has been moved about three times and now I have a VAT inspection on Wednesday and that's terifying me but the show must go on and my adoring fans are panting for news.

Well as I said I have given up smoking and it's been tough even though I'm on patches and a dummy. I did give up two years ago for 10 months and felt very angry with my self for starting again, so this time it has to be for ever!!!! Ruth has been a huge support to me and has always hated me smoking so it's good for all of us especialy Joanna

I aggreed to decorate the flat for the landlord in exchange for a months rent, which has also been harder than I thought as I have never decorated anything in my life!!!! but the end is in sight and all is well.

I'm back to business next week and already have a few orders to fulfill by Friday whilst getting ready for the dreaded VAT inspection on Wednesday.

It's party season at the moment for Joanna who has a total of five party's over the next six weeks including hers on the 18th of Feb. We decided after last years party that we would never have a big one again with all her class as it was a complete nightmare with pain in the arse parents who have no control over their kids and no manners to speak of, so this year and for the years to come she will have a party at home for the number of kids realting to her age, so this year it's 6, themed as a princess makeover party!!!!!! she can't wait and every day comes up with a new angle on a diferent theme.

Ruth is in the process of organising a project for school all about africa and has given herself an impossible task of getting the kids to all do Batik's with flour and water. This all sounds fine but she has done one every night so far and not one of them has worked, filling her with dread for the whole project. Never mind Iv'e got the VAT to worry about.

I must just mention that this blasted blog thing has no spell or grammer check, so please excuse all the glaring mistakes and get a life.

The picture by the way is of Joanna for halloween, which only goes to show how long it's been since I last bloged.

Our next door neighbour is off to New Zealand tomorrow for a year and I am so envious of him partly because he is going and partly because of his singular freedom to just fuck off and leave this god forsaken country. I don't think he will come back as it's just the place for him and he has no ties except for two older daughters who could easily go over there and have as much fun as him. Bastard!!!!!

Must go now but prommise to keep up to date with this and will talk to a few of you over the next month or so. Posted by Picasa

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