Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fed up with Ex-pats

As a lot of you know I live in Oxfordshire and for some reason or other am surrounded by Ex-pat South Africans. In the past two weeks I have spoken at length to at least four of them who constantly bemoan their own country to such an extent that if I hadn't lived there or even visited then I wouldn't want to go near the place. In all the years I lived in SA I visited Joburg many times and once had my camera stolen. How did this happen? I left it on the front seat of my vehicle with the door unlocked!!!! Why do they make the place sound as if it is a war zone where the locals sit in bushes waiting for a white tourist to arrive before mugging them at knife/gun point. It happens all over the bloody world you idiots. Once when I lived in Cape Town, Ruth and I were invited to the Overseas Visitors Club for a party to see off a few of Capetown's youngsters who were leaving to live elsewhere.

I asked this one couple why they were leaving: Ahgg, Cape Town has become so African lately!!!!

Where are you moving to: Brixton, London.

Stay there I thought and never come back, you don't deserve the wonderful place you were born in.

I have some friends in my local pub who used to go to Cape Town every year and a local SA who lives in the same village has actually put them off going again.

I do have to say though that Zimbabwe is a better place but that doesn't mean that SA isn't just as wonderful a place to visit as well. So now when I meet a SA I tend to avoid the subject otherwise I will get a bit violent and perhaps mug them myself, which would drive them back to SA and that would be a tragedy as Britain does deserves them.


Helen Palmer said...

Well done Head of the Family! I too am heartily sick of South African's bringing their country down. You would think that having seen the finer side of life in London, that they would be running back home as fast as their legs can carry them!

And why is it that they all flock to London and conveniently forget that there is a whole country to explore. When we visit Cape Town we always get asked where we live in London?

They might earn less but their lifestyles are definitely better. Come on South African's open your eyes, see the rest of the world for what it is and stop being so hard on your own country!

Head of the Family said...

Thank you Helen, I'm getting e-mails saying I am wrong but all of them seem to have got the wrong end of the stick. Just like Britain SA has massive problems but it is still an amazing place to visit and unlike Britain SA needs tourism so badly and all they ever do is put it down in every way. But what is more important is that as a visitor you would be as safe in SA as anywhere in the world and I mean anywhere.