Sunday, June 24, 2007

The end of and Era

It's been decided that the end of Stuart's Foods is to be at the beginning of September. I have secured a sale albeit for far less than I wanted but that's life and hey it was probably not worth the price I got for it anyway. So what next? I have no idea except I don't need the stress at my time of life when in fact Ruth's stress overshadows mine far more. It used to be a good little business but I have been squeezed out by the conglomerates such as Tesco and Sainsbury who sell cheaper but with far less quality. I am fed up with customers telling me lies and the competition such as Good Taste telling my customers that I am no longer in business, I have never stooped to such underhand tactics and never will. The worst are Supreme Cuisine who have even told my customers that I have died!!! They have possibly the worst guys working for them who have little if any knowledge of food yet alone a passion for the products they sell. So let them rot in moldy sardines (actually sold by them as witnessed by myself) and all go to hell.

1 comment:

ExAfrica said...

Go get 'em Stu. Off to greener pastures.

Not sure the Fish was ever really your thing....

But wishing you well. And here's to your new life.