Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yes I know it's been a long time but things got a bit out of hand what with the trip to the States and closing the business and now trying to find a worthwhile job to keep the kid in knickers. Currently I am boring the pants of myself by working in a "Customer Care Center" it's a call center damn it and it's full of the most mind numbingly stupid people who couldn't make the list for brain transplants. In the mean time I have been for an interview today at a well known cigarette company for the position of Sales Rep. Yes that's how far down the ladder of the human scale of worthlessness I have fallen.

Two and a half hours of being told that I will spend 16 weeks training to sell puff weed. and at the end of all that I am given a Verbal Test.

Now I was told in advance that it would be a verbal test and being of sound mind and possibly advanced years I assumed as did everyone else I spoke to, that this would be a case of me standing up and chattering about myself which I can do very well. Oh no it's a fucking written test!!!!! As mentioned before I am of advanced years and this is possibly the second interview I have ever done in my life. I DO NOT DO WRITTEN TESTS AND NEVER HAVE DONE. So I failed that miserably and am now looking for a job a little further down the ladder of human worthlessness. Shelf stacking at Asda looks good.

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