Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The England Football Squad

Have you ever seen such a bunch of pussies as the England Football squad. They lost to RUSSIA today in what can only be described as a game of womens hockey. Although that's an insult to womens Hockey as the womens Hockey team have balls and a huge amount of passion. These special needs substitutes of the human race we call the England Football squad shouldn't be allowed to wear the England Shirt anywhere outside of their nail and tan boutique where they parade their 3inch cocks to Sharon and Doris while looking at the brochure of a Fiat 125 to drive into the hall of their Barrat house in the suburbs of Manchester. Fuck I hate FOOTBALL and every one involved in it including that arsehole Rupert Murdoch who makes them so fucking rich for being talentless.

I'm done

Come on England (Rugby)


ExAfrica said...

Beckham isn't half bad (looking)

...but, then, he's over here now, isn't he

Head of the Family said...

Keep him