Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The National Anthem

I have been reading with interest the musings of various blogs re the World Cup and England's chances in the Final. This is the first time that a World Champion team has ever got to the final to defend their rightful place in the world rankings as the most dedicated and passionate team in the history of the competition.

I have watched every single game since the competition started and have pointed out to my daughter, who is now almost as much of an avid fan as I am, how all the teams start a game with their respective anthem. Not one of the teams and I am serious about this, not one of teams (apart from England of course) have a full compliment of players who know the words to their anthem. It has been pathetic how NZ, SA and Australia have stood there and mumbled under their breath some sort of song that they presume is something to do with their respective country they are playing for. Just watch England in the final and see what I mean. Even grown men like Lawrence Dallaglio will be singing with such passion that tears well up in his eyes. THAT MY FRIENDS IS WHY WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS. And I predict will either win or come very very close to rumbling SA on Saturday. I will be the first to hold my hands up if we lose unlike the Aussies or the Kiwi's who are still saying the only people on the field who made a mistake were the Ref and the opposite team!!!!!

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