Thursday, September 27, 2007

6 Days no smoking

I enjoy my new job and I like the people I work with plus they keep themselves to themselves, not pushing their dreary little lives on to me. God how that used to piss me off listening to them talking about Wayne or Sheryl going to school with their hair dyed pink.

So life is good.

Until I get home, then the shit hits the fan and I have to deal with my next door neighbor arguing about what colour chopping board you should use for what product (40 fucking years I have been in the catering industry) then Ruth asking me inane questions that have no relevance to anything in this world or ME.


Then I could deal with them all as I always used to


ExAfrica said...

Stuart - please - get a hold of yourself. Sacraficing Zimbabwe for one tiny cigarette will just not work. And I'll kill you.

On the otherhand - Ruth will kill you if you have that cigarette and then you really won't be going to Zim. Or any place else for that matter - you'll be six feet under.

Just hold out for another year and a half - once you're in Zim you can smoke all you'd like - Ruth and I will be having so much fun she won't even notice.

Head of the Family said...

I thought that would get a comment from you. I'm OK now and on the home strait but some people do piss me off still.

Anonymous said...

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